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The Future of Amsoft...

People ask us all the time, "How can you sell your program for so little when your competitors are charging so much?  Aren't you afraid of going out of business?"

The answers to those questions are always the same.  We keep Amsoft's price low, because we care about your agency.

We think that you should still be able to afford to own your business after you purchase your management system. 

 To be quite frank, we could easily charge thousands upon thousands of dollars for Amsoft like our competitors charge for their software... but that's not the kind of business we like to run.  So, we think a better question might be, "Why do they charge so much, when we can do it for so much less?"  We haven't found the answer to that one yet.

To answer the second question:  Amsoft has been around since 1981, a pioneer in this business.  We have changed and upgraded our product as the available technology has changed, and continue to make innovative strides in improving our software all the time.  We are dedicated to bringing excellent service, fair prices, and an outstanding product to our new and loyal customers for a long time to come.  We don't plan on going anywhere.

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