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What's New:

9-20-2001 We have added the e-mailing option to a larger number of forms, including the binder and the invoices. We have also added the e-mail driver installation into the program. To install the driver, click on 'File' 'Options' and click on the 'Install pdf print driver for email' button and follow the on-screen instructions. For more information about e-mailing, please see the e-mailing section of the manual.

9-15-2001 We have upgraded our word processor to a more complete version. The word processor now stores each client's word processing documents in his file. It also asks you if you wish to add the task as completed into the memos and suspense file. We believe this is a wonderful addition to the program.

To open a clients word processing file, highlight the client on the main client browse box, and click on the 'WP' button at the bottom right of the screen. The first time you enter word processing you will need to install the drivers by clicking on 'Install Drivers' from the wp menu.

This Word processor will read in many different file types, including Microsoft word, and should be able to read in any documents created in our old word processor. For documents created in the old word processor that have merge fields inserted into them, the merge fields will need to be deleted and then re-inserted. Should you have any problems opening old documents, the old word processor is still available to you

For more information about the new word processor, please see the word processing module section of the manual.

8-20-2001 Added a zip backup procedure to file maintenance. Should you need to make a quick backup of your most important files, you can do so with this utility. Go to 'File' 'File Maintenence' and 'Client Files'. Then choose 'Zip Files'. This should not replace your daily backups.

8-9-2001 New binder report prints a list of binders by expiration date


7-23-2001 Added e-mail capabilities to the ACORD Auto Endorsement.

6-20-2001 Added the Young Driver Questionairre to the Form Managers.

5-10-2001 There is a new Report for Direct Payments that indicates Which companies have not yet been paid. You can find this under 'Reports', 'Accounting', 'Direct Premiums', and 'Amount due Company'.

4-24-2001 We have added e-mail capability to memos. This will allow you to e-mail a memo from Memo's and Suspense (pencil button) Please see our for more information.

4-23-2001 The Certificate of Property Insurance is now available in our Form Manager.

4-6-2001 We have added the ability to include non-commissioned fees and taxes on the premium screen. This will allow you to enter the base premium and non-commissioned fees on the same screen, instead of having a separate transaction for every fee and tax.

4-1-2001 We have changed the Main client screen. The first tab now shows all policies, and turns the cancelled or expired policies red. This was needed to answer speed problems that many users were experiencing. If you want to view just current or just cancelled policies, click on the open folder icon button at the bottom of the screen, and those tabs will appear on the screen.

2-3-2001 We have a new version of Amsoft available with some revised screens. You will notice additional alphabetic search keys and some new color coding. Mostly, the new version has a lot of 'behind the scenes' stuff that will allow us to do a lot more in the future.

1-2-2001 We have added the Flood Application and the Flood endorsement to the Form Managers. These import information from the new flood coverage screen.

12-28-2000 We have added a flood screen to our listing of coverage screens.

12-20-2000 The copy button on the main Client browse box will now give you the option of also copying related records. The related records are the coverage screens for the record being copied.

12-12-2000 The ID Cards in the Form Manager now print without tagging a vehicle from the client screen. Now you can just go to the ID Card Manager, select the client you wish to print ID cards for, and go to the form. Not only should this make them easier to use, but should also speed up the printing process.

12-10-2000 The ability to get a vehicle schedule for tagged vehicles


12-7-2000 Added an option to print the current record in the Certificate Manager. This will allow you to print only the record at the cursor without having to tag it, and will also be much faster for anyone experiencing delays when printing the tagged forms.

12-3-2000 Added a Production Report by MGA under the Report section.

11-29-2000 Scanning: We have added the ability to store notes for each image in the scanning section.

11-16-2000 We have increased the Producer code field to accept 7 digits. This will allow agencies with a large number of producers to keep track of them more efficiently.

11-9-2000 Our website now features National Insurance News which is updated hourly. Go to: don't forget to bookmark it and check back regularly!

11-5-2000 Added the Good Student Form to the Form Managers.

10-28-2000 Added a guestbook to our website. Go to our homepage: and click on the link to our guestbook.

10-25-2000 Added an Asset, Liability & Equity report to the General Ledger Reports.

10-15-2000 Added Amsoft Help and Discussion Board to the website.  This is a resource for agents to ask questions and get them answered by us as well as other agents.

9-19-2000 Added the FL Commercial Auto Application to the Form Manager.

9-05-2000 Added The FL Auto ID Card to the Form Manager.

8-17-2000 Added the ACORD Medical Statement to the Form Manager.

8-14-2000 NEW FEATURE: We have added graphs as an alternative to our regular reports. Click on 'Reports' from the main menu, and choose 'Graphs'.

8-9-2000 Added a Past Due Invoice by Producer for MGA's. This report will list all accounts with a balance billed to the selected producer for the account.

7-29-2000 Added a Bond Screen to the list of coverage screens.

4-29-2000 Added a Past Due Invoice that is billed to the producer in the Report section.  This is for MGA's.

4-8-2000 Added new coverage fields to the Life/Health Coverage screen.

4-1-2000 Imaging now automatically scans following a new Insert.

3-14-2000 Added the Statement of No Loss ACORD form to the Form Managers.

3-3-2000 Added the Personal Auto Endorsement ACORD Form under the Form Managers. (An Amsoft Auto endorsement was previously available).
2-12-2000 Added the ability to tag client payments in the checkbook for importing the deposits under the 'Get Payments' button.
1-6-2000 Added the Commercial Auto Application to the Form Managers for the following states: AK, AL, AZ, CA, ID, IL, IN, MO, MS, ME, MT, NC, NE, NH, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, RI, TN, VT, WI, WV, WY
12-30-99 Added scanning capacity to the Company, MGA, and leinholder screens. This is available with the scanning module option only.
10-31-99 Added additional notes area to the client file. From the light blue screen, click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the page next to the note field. This will take you to a note screen for this client.
10-24-99 Added the following fields to the Sub-producer file: Phone #, Fax # and e-mail address.
10-20-99 Added the following fields to the Company file: Fax #, e-mail address, web site address, Agency Code and Sub Code.


9-30-99 Added a 'Date Removed' field to the Commercial Coverage screen.
9-20-99 Added a 'Date Added' field to the Commercial Coverage Screen.
8-20-99 We have added an accounting report by MGA to the report section under 'Accounting', then 'Accounts Payable', and 'MGA Statement'.

8-17-99 You can now view the total commission for a policy when entering batch commission received. This new feature will also total the total commission due for the policy after the transaction that you are entering, so that you can correct any discrepancies right from that screen.

8-14-99 Added on the go help to the client information screen, premium history screen, and checkbook. Right click on a field, then click on the help button that appears next to the cursor to view help/additional information for that field.

8-10-99 Added the Additional Interest ACORD form to the Form Managers.

8-04-99 Added a General Ledger Overview report to the Checkbook. To get this report, go to the desired checkbook, click on the 'Checkbook Balance/Reports' button, then click on 'Reports' and choose 'Overview. This will show you each General Ledger account with the total amount for each month.

7-27-99 Added an MGA listing to the Report section

7-14-99 Added additional Selections to the Claims Report

7-10-99 Added a date selection for Past Due Memos

6-23-99 Added the Business Owner Application to the Form Managers

6-22-99 Data Vault (Backup Program) available for release - set up to easily backup Amsoft. This is an option selling for $89 + $8 S&H. (Free Upgrade over the Internet for Quicksave Users).

6-14-99 Added sub producer listing to reports section

5-14-99 Added a scanning module as an option. Scanning is activated directly from Amsoft, and client images are stored under each client separately. A wonderful solution for agents looking to go paperless, or interested in a fully functional scanning program.

5-10-99 Ability to tag diary entries to select certain items to print.

4-12-99 Ability to add fees/interest on past due items from the 'Batch' section.

3-12-99 Added the ability to print Invoices, Memos and Renewal Letters on a Pre-printed form which can be obtained from Deluxe. 1-800-328-0304 Product # 080432 Keycode R02686. To turn this ability on, Click on 'File' from the main menu and choose 'Options' Check on the box that says 'Print Invoices, Memos, etc... on Pre-printed form.'

2-20-99 Added an 'Equity' option for the General Ledger Accounts.

2-12-99 Added the Commercial Umbrella Section to the Form Managers.

1-29-99 Added the Personal Umbrella Application to the Form Managers

1-14-99 Added a claims listing to the Reports section. It can be found under 'Other'.

1-12-99 You can now connect to the internet directly from our program. Go to 'Help' and then 'Web sites'.

1-10-99 Added a note field to the Agency information that prints on invoices, certificates, etc. This was added especially for those states that require a liscense number for the agency.

1-04-99 There is now a Cargo Listing available from the Cargo Coverage screen.

12-15-98 You now have the ability to print an envelope to the producer.

12-07-98 The Premium History Screen now includes the 'date due' field for the next payment. This field is still on the main client screen, and updating the field in either place will alter both places.

12-03-98 Added a 'Print to Producer' button on the Memos & Suspense Screen.

11-28-98 A Company Statement has been added to the Accounts Payable Reports.

11-11-98 Workers Compensation Section Updated and fixed.

11-10-98 The Transportation Section of the Commercial Application has been added to the Form Managers

10-30-98 The Equipment Floater Section of the Commercial Application has been added to the Form Managers.

10-21-98 There is now a Vehicle Listing available from the Certificate.

10-18-98 A Boiler & Machinery coverage screen has been added to the Commercial Coverage screen. The Boiler & Machinery Section was added to the Form Managers.

10-01-98 There is a new button on the Client Update screen next to the e-mail field that will take you to your e-mail program (if you have one set up) and import that client's e-mail address.

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