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August 1999
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August 1999 Newsletter

Upcoming Conventions: August 22-24 we will be exhibiting atok, ok, two whales go into a bar... the PIANY Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. September 15-19 we will be exhibiting at the American Agents Alliance Conference & Expo ‘99 in Indian Wells, CA. If you will be attending either of these conventions, stop by our booth and say “hi!” - we would love to meet you in person!

Reports - Past Due Memos: you now have the ability to select an ending date when running this report. This will allow you to view memos that WILL BE past due as of a certain date.
MGA: We have added an MGA Listing report.
Claims Listing: We have added the ability to set additional selections for this report. 

Scanning: We have been working with the agents now using this module to make it a useful tool for any agency. New programs and downloads include a trial version of this module. To order the module for your office, give us a call. The cost is $500 and then the renewal cost is $200 per year. If you do a lot of imaging in our program, or want to go paperless in your office, this may be an invaluable tool. 

Forms- We have added the Business Owners Application and the Additional Interest ACORD Forms to our Form Managers.

Upgrades are FREE through our website.  After you download, you may want to sign up for our e-mail mailing list. Once you sign up, we will automatically e-mail you when we put a new version on the website . If you are not connected to the internet, but would like an interim update (this is in addition to your yearly upgrade) the charge is $10. 

Make Backups Of Your Data!!! Not only is it crucial to make regular and frequent backups of your data, you also need to have a working knowledge of how to restore those backups. If you aren’t sure of how your program works, you need to contact your hardware vendor or the backup program software vendor (if you purchased it separately from your hardware). If you do not currently have a backup system, we offer one for $89 + $8 S&H. Should your data be corrupted, the only way to restore it will be to restore a backup disk.

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Hoffman Computer Systems
P.O. Box 542184
Merritt Island, FL 32954-2184

Gary Hoffman, President
Hoffman Computer Systems/Amsoft
800-33-1951 Fax: 407-452-2243


Amsoft Announces Release Of Scanning Solution

Hoffman Computer Systems, makers of Amsoft (agency management software), is announcing the release of Amsoft Scanning Solution. This program is a wonderful tool for agents looking to go paperless, as well as those who just want to scan certain documents easily and efficiently. So easy to use and implement, agents will wonder how they ever did without it. Images are scanned directly into the desired client’s file, and attached to a document description and date. Each Client can have an unlimited number of documents and an unlimited number of pages for each document. Makes transactional filing easy and useful. Available as a module to Amsoft for $500, or as a stand alone program for $699. Trial Version Available, download with Amsoft from the internet at: or call Amsoft: 800-330-1951.

Merritt Island, FL, 09/11/1999—

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Hoffman Computer Systems
PO Box 542184
Merritt Island, FL 32954-2184

Gary Hoffman
Fax: (407)452-2243


Insurance Resource Center on the Web

Hoffman Computer Systems, makers of Amsoft (agency management software) introduces it’s Insurance Resource Center on the web. The site includes links to Companies, MGAs, Brokers, Trade Magazines, Insurance Organizations, Hardware Vendors, etc... Also available on the site is information about Amsoft, a downloadable trial version of the software, and upgrades for users. Site to be enhanced regularly.

Merritt Island, Florida, 01/15/99—

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