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Amsoft Trial Version download file  installation  hesitating?

Before downloading, you need to request an installation code. [click here] Fill out the form completely, then download the file.  You will be e-mailed the installation code.  You will not be able to install the software without the code. 

Installing the Demo        [downloading instructions]

This page will download both the Amsoft trial version and the Amsoft Form Manager trial version. To begin the download click in the download column below.
After downloading the demo, using file manager or windows explorer find a file named AMSOFT.EXE. Double click on this file to run the Install program. You will be guided thru installation. The only thing you might change is the drive you are installing to. You should leave the directory as HCS. When installation is complete a group called Amsoft will be created. From this icon you will run Amsoft for Windows. If you should need any help or would like someone to run you through the demo you may reach us at 800-330-1951. Make sure you've requested an installation code before you install the downloaded file - we will automatically send you the unlock password when you sign up

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File Name

Amsoft demo file - The working Demo of the Full Management System - also includes the scanning and Forms only demos. amsoft.exe [click here]

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We know that as you consider buying agency management software there are a lot of differing concerns you have; cost, performance, difficulty in changing software once you have committed to one program, will you have trouble with the program, and to what degree will tech support be available?  All valid concerns.  

That is why we have taken several steps to give you at least some answers to ease your mind.  First, download the working demo.  Do you like the layout, and features?  If so, then round two: Call a reference.  These agents volunteered to share with you their experience with us, and our programs.  Like what ya hear?  Then round three: Start entering data into the program.  There are two benefits to this; first and foremost, it's simply the best way to get to know the ins and outs of the software, and benefit number two is that should you decide to buy the program, all the data you have entered will automatically be transferred over into the full copy. 

All agency management systems strive to do the same things: invoicing, expiration listings, production reports management reports, commission and premium tracking, and correspondence with companies and insured's.  A great agency management system should also be easy to use - not just for the agent, but for all the clerical help in the office including those that work there today as well as those that will work there in the future. We have a little saying in our office: "You should still have the resources to own your agency after you purchase your management software!"  That is why we are committed to keeping our prices affordable and giving agents options when buying our software.  Already have a checkbook program?  No need to purchase ours, then.  Not ready to go paperless with scanning yet?  No problem, wait until later to buy the scanning module - there isn't any penalty for waiting.

We would like to tell you that we work our fingers to the bone keeping our phone lines open, but we can't.  The truth is, we don't get that many calls.  Most people call us to help them with the demo, perhaps a couple of times after they buy, and we often never hear from them again! 

We know that the insurance business can be tough; your management system shouldn't make it tougher.  We've been here helping agents run their business for a long time, and hope that we can help you take your agency into the next millennium.  













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