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Spice Up Your Correspondence!     
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We have added a feature that gives you the option of printing invoices, memos, renewal letters, and installment billings on pre-printed multi-purpose forms. To turn this feature on, click on ‘File’ from the main menu of Amsoft and click on ‘Options’. From this screen, check the box that says ‘Print Memos and Invoices on Pre-printed Form?’. This will reformat the reports to fit the form.  Simply insert the form, and print invoices, memos, etc... as before.  To change the formatting back to its original, simply uncheck the box. 

The forms can be ordered from Deluxe Forms: Product # 080432, Keycode R02686.  It is our hope that this feature will help your business to enhance its professional image, thereby gaining the confidence of your clients, and ultimately increasing sales. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance in helping your agency reach its goals in automation.

Call us for a brochure, or see below for ordering information and other Amsoft-compatible items.

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Compatible Forms:

Laser Multi-Purpose Form (described above) #80432 
Laser Multi-Purpose Check #81004 
Compatible envelopes:
#91500 (double window) - for multi-purpose forms
#91551 (double window) - for checks
#91501 (double window) - for all forms run on plain paper: 

Logo Artwork available as well as background logo's. Envelopes can also be ordered as single window with your logo at the return address.

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How to Order:

Call Deluxe: 1(800)336-4168
Give them your Priority Service Code (keycode): R02686
Give them the product #'s of the items you are ordering and any special instructions (logo artwork, etc...) 

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