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For many errors and other problems you may encounter in Amsoft, simply closing out of Amsoft and then opening it back up will solve the problem. Other times you may need to restart the computer and network (if you have one) and then try again.

Installation Errors
Too many files 
Path not found
Too many open files
Access denied
Memory Corrupted
Insufficient memory 
Invalid data file
Invalid key file
Key file must be rebuilt
Invalid record declaration Sharing Violation
Creates duplicate key Duplicated records
Hour glass appears 
Illegal operation

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Problem - you get an error message when installing an upgrade or renewal: 'The file \hcsdata\cksaccts.tps could not be opened'.

Solution - This is actually not a problem, the install program was simply trying to make a backup of a part of the program that you do not have. The installation has already succeeded at this point. You do not need to do anything.

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Problem - When you enter a policy or premium and save it, the record gets duplicated.

Solution - check the Company Code for the duplicated record. Then close out of everything except the very first screen of Amsoft. Click on 'File' and 'Company Information'. Find the Company Code. You will probably see the same code entered twice. Change the code that has the most records attached to it. If the code is not duplicated, check your Agency information and make sure that your agency code is only listed once, and that there are no blank records on the Agency Browse Box.

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Problem - when you start the program you get an error message: Too many files open.

Solution - this normally occurs the first time you run the software. To resolve this change your config.sys file on the main directory to files =170 & buffers =20. If you have been running the software with no problems & this problem occurs, then it was probably created by installing a new program which changed you config.sys file. If your config.sys file shows a number of 170 or more & you are still getting the error message "too many open files" then you will need to increase this number. This correct number is actually derived from the programs you are using on your computer. Windows & networks generally mean the files statement must be increased. Please note that for any change in your config.sys file to be activated you must reboot your computer. 

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Problem - CODE #3:Path Not Found - The directory name specified as part of the path does not exist. 

Solution - This is a network error - Make sure your shortcut (Amsoft icon) points to the right drive, and that the computer that stores Amsoft Information and the computer having the problem is online with the network.

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Problem - CODE #4:Too Many Open Files - The total number of file handles available has been used. 

Solution - Check the FILES= setting in the CONFIG.SYS file, or the user's or network's simultaneous open files setting in a network environment. Increase the file statement for example if it says 100 make it 150. After making the change reboot. If you are on a network you may have to do this to all machines. To change the config.sys file go to your main directory & type edit config.sys. If you have dos 6.0 or higher & dos in you path this will load the ms dos editor. For more information on how to use it see your ms dos manual. 

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Problem - CODE #5:Access Denied - The file has already been opened by another user for exclusive access, has been left in a locked state, or you do not have network rights to open the file. This error can also occur when no disk space is available.

Solution- This is normally caused by not having share in you autoexec.bat file or not having the right parameters after it. Share should look this way in your autoexec.bat Share.exe /f:4096 /l:500. The f & l numbers may need to be increased in some cases. Windows 95 normally does not need a share statement only windows 3.1.

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Problem - CODE #7:Memory Corrupted - Some unknown memory corruption has occurred.

Solution - Try shutting down your computer and network (if you have one). If this doesn't help, contact a hardware person.

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Problem - CODE #8:Insufficient Memory - There is not enough unallocated memory left to perform the operation. 

Solution - Closing other applications may free up enough memory. 

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Problems -

CODE #36:Invalid Data File - Some unknown data file corruption has occurred.

CODE #38:Invalid Key File - Some unknown key file corruption has occurred.

CODE #46: Key File Must Be Rebuilt - Some unknown key corruption has occurred that requires the BUILD statement to re-build the key.

CODE #47:Invalid Record Declaration - The data file on disk does not match the file's declaration in the .EXE, usually because you have changed the file's definition in the Data Dictionary and have not yet converted the file to the new format.


Error messages 36-47 are generated by damaged data files. Make a backup before trying to resolve this problem. To resolve these in most cases, run file maintenance. You may need to run File Maintenance Utilities 'Release' 'Pack' and then 'Build'. If this doesn't work, click on 'Freshen' from the same screen, and try 'Release' 'Pack' and 'Build' again. In severe cases you may need to delete the key files first. Always make a backup copy. You can delete these files located in the hcsdata directory extensions k01through k12 from Windows Explorer. 

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Problem - CODE #64:Sharing Violation - An attempt to perform some action on a file which requires that the file be opened for shared access. 

Solution - Make sure you have share in you autoexec.bat file. Some networks need files set to read only. There is a file in the hcs directory called ro.bat type ro.bat to set needed files to read only. Please note: If files are set to read only, you will need to set them to read write before installing any upgrade. To do this Go to the hcs directory and type rw.bat. Then install the files. Then you will need to set them to read only.

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Problem - CODE #40:Creates Duplicate Key - An attempt to ADD or PUT a record with key field values that duplicate another existing record in the file has been made to a file with a key that does not allow duplicate entries. 

Solution - Simply change you account number, you have already used it.

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Problem - An hour glass appears when choosing a function of Amsoft & never leaves. 

Solution - You need to do one of two things. First you must exit Amsoft. Then delete a file in the windows directory called amswin.ini. Then go back into Amsoft & see if the problem has been resolved. If not, run file maintenance. 

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Problem - This program has caused an illegal operation and will be shut down.  This error is generated by windows.

Solution - If this has only happened once or twice, try shutting down the computer and restarting the program.  If this is a common occurance, go to the control panel on your computer and choose 'Display'.  Click on the appearance tab, and make sure that your 'Scheme' is set to 'Windows Standard'.

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