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Frequently Asked Questions:

how do i...  get help install amsoft
install an upgrade
what kind i need computer system printer

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Q- How do I get help while I'm in Amsoft?

A- When you run Amsoft you will come to our main menu. On the top menu, the last choice will be 'help'. Clicking on this will give you two options: 'Help' and 'About' .

Choose 'Help' to view various help topics, then click on the desired topic.

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Q- What are the System Requirements to run Amsoft?

A- System requirements can be different for every agent - it really just depends on how important speed is to you and what your budget will allow.  

In a perfect world (or when buying a new machine) this is what we suggest:

-A Pentium 200 CPU or higher
-64-128 Megs of RAM
-At least 50 Megs of free disk space in addition to what windows requires (usually around 30)

If your world is less than perfect, here are our minimum requirements (the program will run, but it might be slow):

-486 CPU
-32 Megs of RAM
32 Megs of free disk space in addition to what Windows requires (usually around 30)

Amsoft takes 22 megs of disk space and will need at least another 10 megs for data.

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Q- What kind of printer do I need?

A- Amsoft will print to any printer installed correctly in Windows.  ACORD forms will print fastest and clearest on laser jet printers.

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Q- How do I install Amsoft?

1. Double click on 'My Computer' from your Windows desktop.
2. Find your CD Rom drive (it should have a picture of a CD next to it, and should have 'Formbuster', 'Amsoft', or 'Upgrade' next to it) and double click on it.
3. Find the 'install.exe' file and double click on it.  This will start the installation program.
4. Click on the appropriate buttons to install and follow the on-screen instructions.

Network users please note: some networks such as novell & lantastic require some files to be set to read only. If your files are set to read only. you will be prompted to change this during installation. This needs to be done to install AMSOFT. After installation you will need to run a program in the hcs directory called ro.bat. This will set the needed files back to read/write.

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Q- How do I install an Amsoft Upgrade?

A- Installing an upgrade is the same as installing the original disk, with the following steps added:

1. Before installing, make sure you have a GOOD backup of your data and that you know how to restore it.  If you don't have a way to make a backup, you might want to check out our backup program.
2. After installing, run File Maintenance:  Click on 'File' and 'File Maintenance' and then 'Client Files'.  Then click on 'Rebuild Files' and choose 'Client files'.

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