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Data Vault  $89   | price | what else do i need |

Data Vault is a backup program that will store multiple backup jobs, and allow you to select each job individually to back up, or to select certain jobs as part of a batch backup. 

Backing up your computer is a crucial task, and one that we so often overlook. Those of us who have had hard drives crash will probably never forget to make a daily backup again. Data Vault can make this task simple for you. In fact, you can use the scheduled task manager in windows to automatically run your backups every day at any chosen time!
$89 + 8 S&H
-  you can't afford not to have this program on your machine for the peace-of-mind it will bring with it.
What you need:
Amsoft Data Vault is meant for use with single media storage (i.e. a zip drive, writable CD, or a single floppy disk if the file is small enough).

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