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Our Philosophy:

e at Amsoft have been in the Insurance software business since 1981, and in the industry since long before that.  We plan on being here a lot longer.  If you want to hear the basic facts about us, we can sum it up in a few sentences;  We are a company with a solid product built on reliability, functionality, and care.   We are from the Insurance business, so we know your challenges, and work to ease if not solve them.  Our tech support is responsive and effective, because that's how we want it.

Amsoft's reliability minimizes our tech support calls.

Each year Amsoft gets better due to your feedback. The programming we do today benefits from a decision we made years ago when we converted Amsoft from a DOS program to a Windows program; we intentionally kept the coding simple -- simple is reliable.

We have fun at Amsoft, and your letters of support go a long way to encourage us in our daily efforts and struggles to bring you the best agency management software on the market.  Don't let our low price fool you.  Our price seems so low, only because theirs are so high.  It is a fantastic product, and at a fair price.  A price we are dedicated to keep low for you. 

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