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We at Amsoft have been in the Insurance agency software business since 1981, and in the industry since long before that.  We plan on being here a lot longer.  If you want to hear the basic facts about us, we can sum it up in a few sentences;  We are a small company with a solid product built on reliability, functionality, and care.   We are from the Insurance business, so we know your challenges, and work to ease if not solve them.  Our tech support is responsive and effective, because that's how we want it, and, Amsoft is a good program which minimizes our calls to start with.   Each year Amsoft gets better due to your feedback. The programming we do today benefits from a decision we made years ago when we converted Amsoft from a DOS program to a Windows program; we intentionally kept the coding simple -- simple is reliable. We have fun at Amsoft, and your letters of support go a long way to encourage us in our daily efforts and struggles to bring you the best insurance agency software on the market.  Don't let our low price fool you.  It is a fantastic product  at a fair price.  A price we are dedicated to keep low for you. Amsoft - Insurance Agency Software
Options ACORD Forms Paperless office and scanning General ledger Payroll Multi user
Where have these guys been.  What a deal.
All agency management systems strive to do the same things: invoicing, expiration listings, production reports management reports, commission and premium tracking, and correspondence with companies and insured's. A great agency management system should also be easy to use
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This page will download  the Amsoft trial version.  To begin the download click the download  button below.  We suggest you save it to your desktop.  After downloading the demo, using file manager or windows explorer find a file named AMSOFT.EXE. Double click on this file to run the Install program. You will be guided thru installation. The only thing you might change is the drive you are installing to. You should leave the directory as HCS. When installation is complete a group called Amsoft will be created. From this icon you will run Amsoft for Windows.  If you should need any help or would like someone to run you through the demo you may reach us at 800-330-1951.     File Amsoft.exe
We would Like you to try our complete program.  The following information will help you download and install our complete program.  The free trail is good for 160 days. It includes free support Before you download look at our basic tutorial.
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Amsoft  Trial Version
We know that the insurance business can be tough; your management system shouldn't make it tougher. We've been here helping agents run their business for a long time, and hope that we can help you take your agency into the next millennium.
Cloud Services - Access Amsoft data from any computer connected to the internet. No more server upgrades! Best for remote users, multi-office setups. More Info Coverage Screens - Home, Auto, Commercial, Water Craft, Air Craft, Scheduled items,Crop, Life & Health and Miscellaneous coverages. Accounting screens - Tracks Premiums, Commissions, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Commissions receivable, Subproducer statements, Payment made direct to companies. Other capabilities include - Memos & suspense, Word processing, Diary, Batch Procedures, Transactional filing, Claims listing and Export & Import data from other windows programs, appointment scheduling, prospecting. Over 150 Reports - Production Reports, Accounting reports, Mailing labels, Expirations, renewal letters, company listings, lien holder listings, past due memos, past due applications, family driver employee lists and transactional filing lists. Any report can be limited to any data in the file. Scanning Module - Scan documents and pictures directly into a client file without leaving Amsoft. A wonderful tool for both agents who want to go paperless as well as those looking for a powerful scanning program. Also available as a stand-alone program ACORD Forms - Amsoft’s Form Manager allows you to easily import data from the client database into the most used ACORD forms. Also available as a stand-alone program General Ledger - Our checkbook module allows you to issue checks, record total deposits, reconcile to the bank statement, produce check & deposit registers, and print income statements and a general ledger report. (All client accounting is done under the basic Amsoft for Windows.) Payroll Module – Tracks payroll numbers for each employee. Will print the data for 940, 941 & W2 forms. [Does not print the form.] Networking - Networking allows you to share Amsoft data between multiple computers. The fees include Amsoft networking only. The computers must already be networked in your office. We do now offer an Amsoft certified technician who can make Amsoft mobile for your office. Call  for more information More Info Interim upgrades are free through this website. The address and security code will be given to you when you purchase.
Amsoft pricing
Amsoft pricing
First Year
Each additional       year
*Amsoft for windows                          $599                                             $425
Each Additional user                         $100                                              $100
Scanning module                        $300                                        $200
Acord  Forms                              $250                                        $250
General Ledger                           $100                                         $50
Payroll                                          $50                                          $25
Handling                                       $10                                          $10
Monthly Payments- add the items you need and divide that by 10 for 10 monthly payments. For example total for amsoft and scanning 899.00. Paid in full 899 - 89 =819 or For example total for amsoft and scanning 899.00 divide by 10 = 89.9 for 10 months
* Amsoft for windows includes all client screens, Coverage screens, memos and suspense, word processing, premium screen with client accounting, prospects and reports,
Above prices include software support by 800 number email and our website.
Purchase Amsoft pay in full and receive a 10% Discount.                    Or Extend your payments to 10 monthly payments
We at Amsoft have been in the Insurance software business since 1981, and in the industry since long before that. We plan on being here a lot longer. If you want to hear the basic facts about us, we can sum it up in a few sentences; We are a company with a solid product built on reliability, functionality, and care. We are from the Insurance business, so we know your challenges, and work to ease if not solve them. Our tech support is responsive and effective, because that's how we want it.
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Phone   1-800-330-1951 or 866-892-2033      
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Amsoft    Support
  Software support for Amsoft is unlimited.  We due not track the amount of calls or the time  you spend with our support staff. Support is provided through 800 phone support, email, on line tutorials, on line manual and forums. Software support is included in the price for amsoft.
Hardware and network support should be provided through your local computer professional.  WE of course will provide him with any information he may need.  From time to time windows will lose maping for your network.  In most cases we can fix this for you. We can also provide network support.  If needed this is $125 for the first hour and $50 for any additional part of an hour.  To network a office of 3 computers shoud take an hour.